Top 8 things to see in North-West Mallorca

written by Julia 8. March 2019
Top 8 things to see in North-West Mallorca

Discovering the north-west of Mallorca

Finally the decade where people just thought of Ballermann, Party and getting the booze is over – because Mallorca is so much more. This incredible island with so many faces really turned into one of my favorite spots to go when it comes to relaxing and just enjoying a few days off. I would call this island a beauty with rough edges – the northern part seems way more dramatic than the south of Mallorca.

I would even say that nowhere in Mallorca you will find a more fresh, colorful, exciting and splendid landscape. Imagine! The ocean meets the mountains, the dark blue meets fresh sparkles of green. Perhaps you can’t find another spot with a landscape as unspoiled and untouched as in the Northern part of the island. Interested? Then follow us around on our north-west Mallorca tour. Let’s go!

As the name already says this maritime village is situated at the seaside. Sollers outlet to the sea is a quintessential Mallorcan fishing and yachting harbor, full or charming fish restaurants, bars and hotels. Its a quiet little town that gets quite touristy during the day when the train between Soller and Port de Soller starts corresponding.

My personal highlight

The daily run up the hill to the lighthouse Cami del Faro. The lighthouse is not open to public but the way up is totally worth it as you are overlooking the whole bay. We went there everyday at sunrise, but we have been told that sunset is even better. If you are walking, running or driving – just make sure not to miss this view. You will love it, believe me.

My hotel recommendation

We spent four nights in the 2018 newly opened Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel – the one-and-only place to really enjoy the breathtaking view over the Port de Sóller Bay and the jaw dropping Mountains around. It was our personal highlight and we are already planning our next trip – this place is just magical.

The Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel offers the best breakfast buffet I’ve seen so long (heaven for veggies and vegans, I am telling you), our room was equipped with an balcony with bay view and the interior design is just amazing. Another highlight for myself was the open air gym area overlooking the bay – equipped with everything sport enthusiasts are looking for.

The beach is just a 5 minutes walk away and the quiet atmosphere of this place makes you feel an urge to come back as quickly as possible.


Soller, a valley town with a fabulous location deep in the Serra de Tramuntana. Stop in for a ride on the vintage tram or visit one of the amazing art galleries. The town of Soller lies in a valley surrounded by the grey-green hills of the Serra de Tramuntana.

The Arabs already saw the potential of this spot, known as the Vall d’Or (Golden Valley) in the 13th century and planted orange and lemon groves who are still really typical for this area. The great wealth of this town also dates back to the the explosion of the citrus export market – and still can be seen in the railway line connection with Palma or the tram line to Port de Soller. 

The whole town seems like an unreal journey through time: with its vintage “orange express” it feels like time is standing still in this peaceful village. Todays reputation of Soller is still one of the best throughout the world – it is said that the best oranges in the world are growing in Soller and around this area. This little town has even more to offer than a beautiful train and tasty oranges – its also famous for its art.

For art lovers

It was a relatively easy walk from Soller to Port de Soller – perfect for really warm and humid days. We were walking a well-signed path all of the way. Find the exact path we hiked here:  

You can find a really classy and permanent exhibition with some beautiful pieces by Spains most famous modern artists Picasso and Miro in Soller. The two artists enjoyed a long friendship until the death of Picasso in 1973. The personal touch of the exhibition makes it really special – as well as the collection of ceramics by Picasso and engravings by Miro as well as several photographs of the pair together.

The exhibition itself is hosted in the main building of the trainstation and is quite impressive itself – it’s designed in the so called “Modernism” style.  No matter if you are a great art lover or you are just waiting for your train – don’t miss absorbing the nice art vibes.

The perfect day trip is taking the train from Soller to Port de Soller (or the other way round like we did because our main hotel was in Port de Soller) and then use your day for shopping, trying ice cream made from the most juicy oranges you have ever tried and then hike back.

The train ride (OMG, this vintage train is just too cute to be true) is around 15 minutes, our hike was around 2 – 3 hours. The hike was my absolute favorite as you walk through orange groves and pine woods. The smell is just incredible. Simply wandering this area of Mallorca is just peaceful, quiet and the perfect thing to do if you are looking for calming down.

For hiking lovers

It was a relatively easy walk from Soller to Port de Soller – perfect for really warm and humid days. We were walking a well-signed path all of the way. Find the exact path we hiked here:  


Stone houses, impressive villas, shops, restaurants and quiet, hidden streets: Valldemossa really has it all and is one of the islands most eye-catching sights. Its a really worth stopping here for a few hours when discovering the coast and just wander the streets – the is something to discover, always. The main attraction here is the striking Real Cartuja de Valldemossa monastery and a huge variety of restaurants and bars.

When it comes to history Valldemossa also has a lot to offer. Since 2011 the Serra de Tramuntana including Valldemossa is officially part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The town got first known when George Sand, a famous French female writer spent a winter with her polish lover Frédéric Chopin in Valldemossa and later wrote a book about her experiences. To be fair, “Un Hiver à Majorque” (A Winter on Mallorca) is not a positive review at all – but it made this town well known.

Important note for parking

Every Sunday one of the three parking spaces available is closed due to the market- and the whole city is a chaotic mess as every one is trying to find a free spot. So better go there any other day to experience the quietness of this sweet town.


Deia, Deia, Deia – my dear. You really stole my heart – it was definitely love at first sight. The mountains of Serra de Tramuntana rise like a natural shield above Deia. Mallorcas inhabitants also call it a “bird’s nest of a village” as this 700 souls town is perched above the mountains.

Yes it’s true – Mallorca has so many amazing, beautiful towns and villages with narrow streets – but this one was even more special. We arrived there without any expectations as we originally wanted to go to Valldemossa (it was a Sunday and there was no chance to park our car) and just drove on. Deia was our so called plan b – and this village turned out to be so much more.

Not only for VIPs…

We then discovered that also artists and actors found out about Deias beauty in the last years and spent their well deserved holidays there: Pablo Picasso and Pierce Brosnan were among them – and I am sure they know about scenic places.

And what about history?

By the way, Deia got its name from the arabic language and means literally field or village – seems legit, right? In the 17th century, inhabitants of Deia built several watch towers to protect its home from pirates. In the 19th century, Deia got famous for being the hotspot of smuggle – today its more the tourism of luxury that attracts tourists from all over the world to visit this beautiful spot hidden in the mountains.


This sweet stone-built village with its amazing postcard mountain views and photogenic town square is definitely a place you should not miss on your next Mallorca trip.

Its about 7 km from Soller to Fornalutx – and even the way to Fornalutx is pretty. Be prepared to have your heart truly stolen by the winner of the prettiest village in Spain – situated in the hills above Sóller, Fornalutx has been included in the “Asociación de los Pueblos Más Bonitos de España” (Spain’s Most Beautiful Villages Association), and it’s not hard to see why.

From the moment you spot the red tiled roofs of the stone terraced houses tumbling down the hillside you just know you’re in for a treat.

The picture perfect town exists

This picture perfect village, set in the most stunning of locations, is a sleepy hamlet whose shady streets offer a welcome break on a hot summer’s day. Much beloved by cyclists and walkers it can be easily reached from Soller along country paths.

Its architecture is typically Mallorcan, with sandy stone facades crowned by red roof tiles and lots of cobbled stairs, passages, and steep flower-filled lanes leading into cozy plazas. The air smells like wild oranges and lemon blossoms from the nearby orchards, and there’s a sense of rustic romance pervading every nook and cranny of this pretty little mountain town.


POLLENÇA is just beautiful. On a late summer afternoon, this town turns into a glowing, mysterious beauty. The stone houses radiate in the warm light, cicadas sing their holiday-and-summer-feelings-like songs and the burble of chatter floats from the numerous terraces of cafés and restaurants on the Placa Major.

The Mallorca you have always dreamed of

Full of stories, secrets and warmth. Its postcard looks and bohemian flair have always attracted artists, writers and VIPs from all over the world – from Agatha Christie to Winston Churchill, just to name a few.

Located in the North of Mallorca’s island, POLLENÇA is one of the most attractive municipalities on the island. It has an area of 151.7 km2 and a population of 16.300 inhabitants. Apart from the town with the same name, it also includes the areas of Port de Pollença and Cala Sant Vicenç, as well as the peninsula of Formentor.

POLLENÇA is, without any doubt, one of the most attractive and beautiful areas of the island. Its stunning countryside has always been the subject of painters from all over the world who tried to capture the beauty and fascination of the northern part of Mallorca.

The real highlight

The most representative sight of this town is the so called “El Calvari”, a mountain with a jaw-dropping stairway, surrounded by cypress trees, up to a little church at the top. “El Calvari” – and they don’t call it Calvari for nothing. Some pilgrims do it on their knees, but even just walking up the 356 cypress lined steps from the town centre to the lovely 18th-centry hilltop chapel, the Esglesia del Calvari, with its simple, spartan and serene interior, is penance enough.

This hilltop not only offers superb views of POLLENÇA, but is also one of the town’s most iconic locations thanks to its impressive location – after hiking up the 365 steps, one for each day of the year, flanked by fourteen three-metre-high crosses, evoking the ordeal that, according to Christian tradition, Jesus Christ suffered on the way to his crucifixion on Mount Golgotha. This may not be the stairway to heaven, but there are soul-stirring views over the town’s mosaic of terra-cotta rooftops.

And what else to see?

The Roman Bridge, the “Puig de Maria”, the Parish Church, the main Square, Saint Domingo’s Cloister, The Museum of Pollença as well as other places of cultural interest can be visited through the streets that preserve the traditional architectural style of the town.

Placed in a valley enclosed by the Puig de Maria and the Calvary, POLLENÇA is the main area in the municipality with more than 8.000 inhabitants. It has a historical old part already formed in the XVIIIth century, with a group of narrow streets and emblematic buildings as the Calvary, the Parish Church, Sant Domingo’s Cloister and the Jesuit School. Definitely a place to go!


Stunning hike up, stunning place. You can climb a couple of kilometers up to side road from the Mirador es Colomer to the Talaia d’Albercutx watchtower. Originally built to warn of pirates and you can still see why – the views extend far out to sea. The the cliffs glow at sunset, it’s definitely the right time to hike up there. If you’re up for it, you can climb up the metal steps up the outside of the tower, clamber inside then up to the roof. The view especially on a good day is fantastic.

Built at the top of a mountain of 380 metres high from where you can see a marvellous view of Pollença’s bay and Formentor’s peninsula.

The defense watchtower was built in the XVIth century as part of the defense system of Mallorca against the pirates.

Important note for parking

As the street up to the watchtower is really narrow and there are no barriers on the road: park your car at the starting point or at the parking space at Mirador es Colomer and enjoy the 2 kilometer hike up to the Talaia d’Albercutx. Its the only downer, especially in high season and on Sundays. The road cannot cope with more than a handful. So make sure to hike up to keep the stress level low. It is definitely worth it – we’ve seen wild goats, the sun setting and enjoyed listening to the Cicadas. Just stunning!


Perhaps nowhere in Mallorca can boast as illustrious a past as the unspoiled peninsula of Formentor, which lies at the most northerly tip of the island. Maybe the most dramatic stretch of Mallorca’s coast, the Cap de Formentor is an otherwordly place of razor-edge cliffs and limestone peaks. From a distance, it looks like an epic line of waves about to break.

This place spoils its visitors with excellent views in all directions. Take your time and walk the approx 200 meters from the parking lot to the final spot. Absolutely beautiful views even before you begin to climb and then descend the steps. Would be worth a trip on its own but definitely not one to miss if driving past to formentor.

Note for parking

Parking will definitely be tricky. We were there in the middle of September and it was challenging, can’t imagine how it is in high season in July/August. Worth a visit anyways, especially when in the area. Enjoy!

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