Visit the Sunny South of Austria in Carinthia

written by Dajana 30. October 2019
Visit the Sunny South of Austria in Carinthia

Eat, sleep, hike, repeat

This is probably the best summary of our stay in Carinthia in September. Austria’s southern-most state has always been and will always be a safe bet for unforgettable skiing trips in winter. It is also the perfect choice for unforgettable weeks in the mountains and valleys during the rest of the year. Discover what we were up to in Carinthia and make sure to check out the raffle in collaboration with Naturidyll Hotels an win a trip for 2!

A long weekend dedicated to selfcare? Bring it on!

This summer has been a very busy one! We travelled a lot, we worked a lot, we planned a lot ahead. So when Naturidyll Hotels invited us to Carinthia, we we more than excited to spend some time in the mountains. During the ride we talked about how we’ll go to bed early and sleep in to recharge our batteries. Once we arrived, the hotel’s Junior Manager Michael had a better plan for us: a sunrise hiking tour together with him and some other hotel guests. Even though we were both exhausted, Julia was totally in right from the start. It took only half an hour and the best and probably biggest cheese sandwich ever to convince me to get up at 4:30am in order to start our hiking tour at 5am! Spoiler: it was absolutely worth it!

There’s so much more to do and discover! Check out our personal favourites for a very active yet relaxing weekend in Carinthia.

1. Put your boots on and kick the heels into the Nassfeld dirt!

As already mentioned, the Nassfeld Region in Carinthia is not only paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. It is also the perfect spot in Austria for everyone who likes spending their time in nature. There are over 1000km of well-marked hiking trails in the region. Also, you could start your hiking tour directly from the hotel! There are trails for every level of experience whether you are looking for a relaxing walk, an easy hike, a challenging mountain tour or climbing routes. Breathtaking views are guaranteed in every case!

Getting up very early for a sunrise hiking tour to the Kammleiten summit next to the Gartnerkofel will be rewarded with a stunning and atmospheric sunrise in the Carinthia Alps. You’ll start your day while it’s still dark outside. Departure from the hotel was at 5am. We started the hike shortly afterwards and enjoyed the sunrise on top of the mountain at 6:47am. It was simply breathtaking, unforgetable and worth the lack of sleep. Pack a little snack and something to drink and enjoy the beauty of nature on the top of the mountain! We then came back to the hotel, had breakfast, tea and coffee, and then went straight back to bed for a nap before starting our next adventure.

For those of you who have acrophobia (me included!): ask the locals and your tour guide about some easier tours and smaller peaks you could choose. Make sure to have an experienced guide with you and don’t hesitate to ask your mates for a helping hand. Take it easy – there’s no need to rush and the others will for sure wait for you. I know it’s absolutely not easy and that your knees might be shaky and your facial expressions extremely focused. Believe me when I say that the view will be spectacular and worth stepping out of your comfort zone!

A personal recommendation: it took me 29 years to finally get a pair of proper hiking boots. I can tell you now that it does make a huge difference and makes you feel more stable while hiking up the mountain!

2. Looking for some extra power? Try the E-Bikes!

After our sunrise hike, breakfast and a long nap we were ready for the next adventure and curious to try the E-bikes that are available at Naturidyll Hotel Presslauer. It’s different to traditional cycling, but no one can deny it’s a lot of fun! Especially when you have nice forest trails next door, want to discover the surroundings but are used to city bikes.

E-bikes are perfect for hobby cyclists like the two of us and made it much easier to cycle through the rocky area. Please remember that even with the extra E-bike power you’ll have to pedal, so it will still count as a workout! This is also why we treated ourselfes to a so called “Brettljause” – a snack – before heading back to the hotel.

3. Enjoy icy water and fascinating rocks

Over the course of many millennia, the Garnitzenbach stream has carved a canyon through the mountains of the Canric Alps. The over 10,000 year old and 4km long canyon is known as the “Garnitzenklamm” and one of the most spectacular attractions in the Nassfeld region. You can reach the Garnitzenklamm easily by car in about 15 minutes from the hotel. The rockfaces and rushing icy stream are the ideal backdrop for an exciting day trip in the region.

Perfect choice for a refreshing day trip during the hot summer months or on a sunny September day. The path is divided into four parts with varying options for the return hike. We have mastered the first 3 parts and hiked back on a forest road which took us about 4 hours with a short snack break included. These parts are also manageable for kids. If you are feeling more adventurous and have a head for heights you could also continue your path in section 3 and 4.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Open from June to September
  • Entrance fee: €5,30 for adults, €2,00 for children
  • 4km trail (one way) with a 500m change altitude
  • Suitable shoes are required
  • Bring a snack! There is no hut on the way!

The ideal place to escape from city buzz

Naturidyll Hotels are more than just family-run hotels in Austria and South Tyrol! The hosts will turn your stay into a holiday with friends and make you enjoy your time to the fullest. All dishes are fresh and made with regional and seasonal ingredients. Plus there are great options for everyone, making omnivores, vegetarians and vegans equally happy. The rooms are kids-friendly and cosy and dogs are welcome, too.

It was a pleasure to spend a few days in the middle of Carinthia’s beautiful countryside at Naturidyll Berghotel Presslauer . The location is great for winter sports enthusiasts, hikers, motorcyclists, and for all those who are seeking some piece far away from the busy city life. All rooms are bright and cosy. And to enjoy some fresh air you only need to step out on your balcony! There’s also a small spa area including a Finnish, soft and infra-red sauna. Perfect for a relaxing evening after an active day!

The hotel owners Maria and Gerd and their son Michael will make you feel home far away from home! Special thanks to you for the warm welcome and all the laughs! And we’ll never forget how you made us sing Carinthian folk songs with a bunch of other hotel guests! There’s probably a reason we were never discovered as singers, but we sure can entertain you! 🙂 We will definitely be back soon!

All good things are wild and free.

Win 2 nights at the Naturidyll Hotel Presslauer for 2 people! *Accommodation, breakfast and dinner are included

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M. Izzle 30. October 2019 - 17:02

Nachdem das Restliche Jahr noch richtig stressig wird mit Umzug und einer Reihe an Workshops, gesundheitliche Hürden endlich überwunden sind und das Jahr einfach hinter mir bleiben kann, wäre so eine feine Umgebung zum Abschalten ein Traum. Einfach geniessen und sich selbst wieder spüren, dem Alltag entfliehen und neu Aufladen… Das wäre notwendig. Ich würde mich nicht nur freuen, diesen Kurzurlwub zu gewinnen, sondern auch vor Freude neu erblühen.

Julia 31. October 2019 - 9:30

Das klingt alles sehr aufregend aber anstrengend – das Naturidyll Hotel Presslauer war auch für uns der perfekte Ort zum Runterkommen und Entspannen! Wir drücken die Daumen! xoxo, dein Team Rast.Los.Gelöst

Anja Knollmüller 30. October 2019 - 17:05

I would be so happy about this stay in Carinthia together with my sister because I feel like that the relaxedness and slow-pacedness of Carinthia would suit us and especially my sister, who has health issues, and is always caring for two kids, very well!

Julia 31. October 2019 - 9:31

Dear Anja, that sounds like quality sister time is much needed! Fingers are crossed! xoxo, your girls from Rast.Los.Gelöst

Victoria Percig 30. October 2019 - 17:42

Oh wie toll wäre eine erste Auszeit seit der Geburt unseres Sohnes – nur für Mama und Papa und das in entspannter, traumhafter Umgebung, wo wir als aktive Leute untertags auch ordentlich was unternehmen können

Julia 31. October 2019 - 9:29

Liebste Victoria, dort gibts tatsächlich für Mama, Papa und den Sohnemann super viel zu entdecken und erleben! Wir drücken die Daumen! xoxo, dein Team Rast.Los.Gelöst

Weronika 31. October 2019 - 8:30

When I First saw The pictures from Naturidyll hotel i was speechless. Yes, its beautiful, yes its in alps, yes there’s plenty of delicious looking food and wine. But there was something else, something additional There – fairytale charm which made me feel exceptional by even just looking on the venue and surroundings pictures. Idyllic – Yes, but in a cozy “homy” way. I i
I cannot miss The Chance to compare my impressions with reality!
As i’m mostly traveling alone, just having always my middle size terrier mix doggie as companion :), i will use the chance to stay in Naturidyll as a perfect get-away and recharge batteries place during my annual Eurotrip, as this idyllic place is on the half way on my route. Carinthia is spectacular and makes me feel welcome and so relaxed everytime i’m also even passing by this region. The opportunity to stay in Naturidyll would be an cherry on The top of whole experience.

Julia 31. October 2019 - 9:28

Dear Weronika, I guess you have the best travel companion of all times! Thanks for your comment and fingers are crossed! xoxo, your girls from Rast.Los.Gelöst

Julia 31. October 2019 - 8:34

Ein wunderschöner Beitrag 🙂 der lässt gleich das Herz höher schlagen und am liebsten würd ich meine Bergschuhe anziehen und hin fahren 🙂
Ein Wochenende in den Bergen mit einer meiner engsten Freundinnen, abschalten und einfach die Ruhe genießen… ein Traum!

Julia 31. October 2019 - 9:26

Liebe Julia, danke für deinen wunderschönen Beitrag! Wir drücken dir die Daumen! xoxo, dein Team Rast.Los.Gelöst

elli & alex 31. October 2019 - 10:56

this sounds so wonderful
we love to discover new places and are always amazed by the beauty of austria. since we don‘t know carinthia very well, we would love the opportunity to go there! as far as the stunning pictures show… the hike, the food, the hotel… we are all in

Dajana 31. October 2019 - 11:00

Dear Elli & Alex, sounds like a trip to Carinthia to discover the region would be perfect for the two of you! Fingers crossed! xoxo, your Rast.Los.Gelöst Team

Manfred Schmidt 31. October 2019 - 16:03

Mein Schatz Manuela und ich sind sehr gerne in den Bergen unterwegs. Das macht die Seele frei und wir können uns vom stressigen Alltag super erholen.
Das wunderbare Kärnten ist für Tagestouren natürlich zu weit entfernt. Der tolle Beitrag hier macht aber richtig Gusto auf eine entspannte und wanderbare Auszeit in der Region Nassfeld.
Dort würden sich mein Lebensmensch und ich bestimmt sehr wohl fühlen.

Dajana 31. October 2019 - 16:28

Lieber Manfred, freut uns sehr, dir mit diesem Beitrag richtig Lust auf Kärnten gemacht zu haben! Ein Wochenende im schönen Kärnten wäre ja genau das Richtige für dich und deinen Schatz Manuela! Wir drücken euch dir Daumen! xoxo, your Rast.Los.Gelöst Team

Ines 5. November 2019 - 16:48

Das Naturidyll Hotel Presslauer klingt nach dem perfekten Hotel für einen Kurzurlaub in der Natur fernab von Stress, Grant und Schnelllebigkeit. Es klingt nach einem wahren Paradiesort in der Natur mit regionalem Essen und das Beste- nach lieben, freundlichen Kärntnern, wo man sich wie zu Hause fühlt- klingt nach einem Ort wo man nicht mehr weg will. Ich würde liebend gerne eine entspannte Auszeit gemeinsam mit einer lieben Freundin dort genießen, abschalten und die Natur auf sich wirken lassen, Am besten noch Digital Detoxen, damit man die Natur, die Tiere und das Wetter in den Bergen 100% genießen kann. Toller Bericht auch, liebes rast.los.gelöst Team, Da bekommt man wirklich Lust sofort dort hinzudüsen! 😉

Dajana 5. November 2019 - 21:31

Liebe Ines, du hast uns gerade ein Lächeln ins Gesicht gezaubert! Wir freuen uns sehr, dir mit unserem Bericht so richtig Lust auf ein Wochenende in Kärnten gemacht zu haben! Und du hast es richtig erkannt: Im Naturidyll Berghotel Presslauer menschelt es sehr! Wir wollten auch nicht mehr weg! Wir drücken dir auf jeden Fall die Daumen 🙂 xoxo, dein Team Rast.Los.Gelöst

Steffi 5. November 2019 - 22:04

Euer Beitrag hat so richtig Lust gemacht wieder mal Urlaub in Österreich zu.machen. Berge, frische Luft, gutes Essen- was will man mehr. Da darf natürlich mein Lieblingsökonom nicht fehlen, der mitdarf:)

Dajana 5. November 2019 - 22:32

Liebe Steffi, du bringst es auf den Punkt! Berge, frische Luft und gutes Essen! mehr braucht es manchmal nicht, um die Seele baumeln zu lassen! Wir drücken dir und deinem Lieblingsökonom ganz fest die Daumen! 🙂 xoxo, dein Team Rast.Los.Gelöst

Raphael 6. November 2019 - 0:47

Kärnten wäre einfach top – beste Urlaubsland 🙂 Und ein paar Tage Entspannung und bisschen Natur würden gerade richtig gut tun! Natürlich nicht ohne meine Freundin Monika im Gepäck, gemeinsam entspannt es sich doch am besten. Würden uns sehr freuen, Daumen sind gedrückt


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