The Family Edition

written by Julia 2. September 2018
The Family Edition

When we came to planning our magazine structure, we found out really fast that we love to read other peoples travel adventures. At the same time we realized how much the travel styles change with different lifestyles. We really want to focus in our interview series on different travel styles, learnings and secret advice.

Katrin (follow her on instagram @katrin-anna.schmid) and Sebastian, our todays TRAVEL TALK pick decided to go on a road trip with their 7-month old daughter. Fair enough, in the beginning I was kind of surprised when I heard about their plan – as I would have been afraid of a lot of trouble with a baby and a camper van. They were traveling for around 5 weeks and in the end: They had the time of their lives. Why? They will tell us now.





How did you decide where to go and about the right transportation?

The idea was to go on a road trip during our parental time. First we wanted to go to Portugal driving along the coast and visiting cities like Lisbon or Porto. But the distance seemed too far for the very tight schedule of five weeks in total. We then skipped our Portugal plans and switched over to Italy/Sardinia, which is also the birthplace of Sebastians father. We found this the perfect combination of adventure trip and meeting Sebastians family. From the very beginning we knew, that this trip was  perfectly made for a camper van.  In our opinion, traveling with a camper van gives you the biggest freedom when traveling with a baby or toddler.  We totally loved it!


Katrin-Anna Schmid




Where did you research? Pinterest? Or did you get inspired by your friends?

None of all. Very old-school: we just looked at the map of Italy and decided to do a „Giro d’Italia“. A round trip starting in the North, visiting Emilia Romagna and Toscana then going down to Rome, shipping over to Sardinia and ending up by driving through Corsica.

What was the biggest challenge when it came to planning your trip?

The case of traveling with a baby was completely new for us. So we always had to  keep the needs of our little-one in focus. That sounds actually easier than it was. 😉 

Did your relationship change or develop in any kind of way?

Being together 24/7 in a very limited space for a longer period, of course this effects the relationship. During that time we had the great opportunity to grow even closer together as a family and get along with the new way of life.

What was your personal highlight? 

Wow, that’s really hard to say. Maybe the view over Verona at this beautiful camping-site, the traditionell procession in the little Village in Sardinia, the young boys preparing for the „Palio“ in Siena or the food of Sebastians auntie Rosella? Finally it was to come into the port of Bonifacio during sunset.

Is there anything you would change for your next travel?

Travel slow, take your time. Sometimes less is more.

What was the biggest challenge of traveling with a 7-month-old baby?

To fulfill the eating habits of our little one and to make sure that there are benchmarks. That means to have fixed time breaks each day for the baby. Even with the biggest freedom you have to plan your day if you want to prevent having a very moody, hungry baby. 

What was the biggest difference to traveling only as a couple?

Usually we were exploring foreign places until dawn and did not care about time, planning and so on. Especially in cities we loved to be out during the night to grab some food and beverages, discover art, music and bars. Of course, this time is limited when traveling with a baby. 

Are there any tips, tricks or recommendations you want to share with parents of a newborn, who are planning their next trip with their baby?

Being well prepared concerning the hygiene products you need.  To make sure your baby gets what it is used to. Same if your baby is allergic to some food or ingredients – better try to avoid special food. At some places you are not able to buy the same products. We were well prepared and brought the most important products with us – just to be safe. 

What’s your next destination?

We are going to Mexico in the early summer of 2019 – with a bunch of friends and our toddler. We are already excited about this trip as our daughter will be around 2 years old at that time. Totally new kind of traveling experience. 


Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Keep on exploring, guys!


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