Where to eat in Berlin: The ultimate food guide

written by Julia 29. August 2019
Where to eat in Berlin: The ultimate food guide

Berlin – the city that never not eats!

Berlin is one of those cities that never will be out of fashion. As Germanys capital and cultural center, Berlin is often called one of the most vibrant cities – rich in faces, lifestyles and flavors. Its fascination is interminable, its rhythm of life still a little faster than in other European cities and its style – its style is still copied all around the world. When we speak about “Berlin Chic”, everyone has a particular image in mind. Black shirt, black jeans, maybe a little bit shabby, but one thing for sure: it’s different.

‘You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin.’

Franz von Suppé

Pretzels, Currywurst & Eisbein?

By the way – did you know that Berlin is also called the food capital of Germany? No? I will tell you why! Berlin has around 6,500 restaurants, 550 ice cream parlours, 2,800 sandwich shops, 225 bars, clubs and other food, drink and entertainment venues. With a short glaze at the facts, on an average day 950 Döner spits are eaten in Berlin, and with each spit holding 63 kg, that’s 60 tonnes of meat a day. They also scarf down 70 million currywursts a year. But this is only one side of Berlin’s cuisine. Over the last 10 years, Berlin really developed a rich and very international gastronomy. Not only does the city boast a rich history, lively arts scene and aspiring culture, it also offers endless delicacies from all around the world combined with German roots.

Hipster meets health addict!

As I discovered during my last trip in Berlin, there are two main trends noticeable: the really, really healthy cuisine and on the other hand, the hip, but not so healthy cuisine. Both food trends are visible around the foodie corners in Berlin – and but are more than tasty. As I was traveling with another foodie, we spent a lot of time researching and comparing the best restaurants, breakfast places and bars. And we always asked ourselves “Where to eat in Berlin”? So this article is focussing on the best restaurants we found in Berlin – and they couldn’t be more different in interior designs, tastes and variety. Thats why I loved my stay in Berlin so much – full of adventures, tastes and new food concepts. I will share with you my 5 Top restaurants and personal foodie highlights.

Where to eat in Berlin? All eyes on:

1. The Klub Kitchen

Unconventional urban cross over kitchen – say what?

The Klub Kitchen is what I would describe as the pure definition of clean design and understatement. To get me right, in the best way possible: it was my favorite lunch place in Berlin and I am still dreaming of this veggie bowl with almonds, broccoli and baby spinach. To be fair, it’s not the coziest place where you would love to spend your whole evening at – but its a really pretty place and a real lunch hot spot in Berlin Mitte.

Healthy, but fancy!

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or meat lovers – the Klub Kitchen serves everyone. I had the amazing green bowl, a combination of broccoli, baby spinach, edamame, mint, lime and parmesan, topped with an extra portion of carbs, boiled quinoa. My foodie partner Jasmin had the spicy ginger-soy salmon fillet, served with edamame, cucumber, avocado, herbs and white rice. And beside all the healthy and yummie bowls, we found a true highlight on the menu: The spinach Knödel bowl: a solid portion of dumpling, accompanied by green salad, seeds, parmesan cheese and brown smoked butter with green pepper. Don’t miss this place if you are planning your next trip to Berlin!

2. 1990 Vegan Living

Small is beautiful!

Is the motto of the restaurant, which opened its doors in the year 1990 (I guess that was also the inspiration for the name ). One year after the “trembling down” of the Berlin Wall, this cozy restaurants started, situated directly in Berlin-Friedrichshain. I guess at that time Vietnamese vegan cuisine was more than exotic – nowadays this place is fully booked but still filled with a warm ambience. My Berlin friend told me about the brilliant dishes – of course all vegan. This place is mainly famous for its “Vietnamese tapas” and the really fresh ingredients. I didn’t know before visiting the 1990 Vegan Living that the Vietnamese Cuisine offers that huge of a variety of vegan cooking styes and meals.

Sharing is caring!

As the real highlight of the menu I would point out the tapas – my recommendation is to visit this restaurant with as many people and friends as possible – because you can share and try more tapas. And I am pretty sure that vegans, non-vegans and vegetarians will love it. We did love it a lot, thats for sure!

3. Dolores Burrito

  • Address: ROSA-LUXEMBURG-STRASSE 7 // 10178 Berlin, Mitte
  • Opening hours: MON – SAT 11:30 – 22:00h// SUN 13:00 – 22:00h
  • Website: www.dolores-online.de
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/doloresburritos
  • Phone orders: Call +49 280 99 597, order and just pick up your burrito without waiting!

Burritos are always a good idea!

Especially when they are as big and tasty as the ones from Dolores. After arriving in Berlin we were starving and we were looking for something quick but delicious. Not so easy, right. We found Dolores Burrito on a foodies Instagram page and didn’t hesitate one second – and so did kind of every. foodie in Berlin. There was a large queue in front of the restaurant (it’s really small inside, but there are benches in spring/summer outside), but the service was really quick and friendly. After 5 minutes of waiting we were holding our beautiful burritos in our hands.

Size does matter!

Vegan friend, vegan lover, fresh avocado, easy chicken or wicked beef – as you can see, every foodie will find something at Dolores to be full and happy. By the way, speaking of being full: This was – and I am not exaggerating at all – the largest burrito I’ve ever had. I tried the veggie burrito stuffed with lime, cilantro, soy meat, guacamole, smoky peanut sauce, rice, black beans, veggies and salad. I couldn’t finish the whole burrito (I would have loved to) because the size was huge. So for all hungry foodies out there in Berlin: Thats your place to go!

“Berlin, a place where people go to find what they want, need, or can’t find back home.” 

Anthony Bourdain

4. Madami – Moms Vietnamese kitchen

Vietnamese à la Mama!

Madami in Mitte is situated directly next to Dolores. What a funny coincidence that we recognized the amazing menu when we were waiting for our burrito. This place was crowded during lunch break, in the afternoon and even more during dinner time – for a reason. So you better book table in advance. Every meal and every creation on the menu will be challenged with the Madami Mama, before its finally approved to be on the menu.

Home food = good food!

The Vietnamese Community loves homemade food and thats the reason why this restaurant is always fully booked: The meals were really authentic, organic ingredients and fresh spices and herbs on every soup, salad or other meal. The menu is large: From classic phos, to summerrolls (veggie options are available), fancy glass noodles salads and curries. A real highlight on the menu definitely is the Madami Burger: Fluffy Bao-Burger bun with tomato, onions, lettuce, roasted onions, cucumber, mango, herbs, arugula and Madami- burger-sauce, topped with the ingredients you like, such as tofu, pork or chicken. Yummie!

5. Monsieur Vuong Vietnam

South Vietnamese Cuisine à la bonheur

Well, I guess you already know after reading this article that I am truly in love with the Vietnamese cuisine and its food. And so a good friend of mine recommended Monsieur Vuong as one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin with special focus on street-style food. And to be honest, this place did not disappoint me in any kind of way: they offer really special and well selected Vietnamese dishes, all inspired by the varied aromas from the area of the Mekong Delta in south Vietnam. Topped with the freshest ingredients and a large cocktail menu (isn’t that the best combo ever) its not a big surprise that this place is a true hotspot and there was again a long line in front of the restaurant. But no worries: Waiting for 10 minutes was totally worth it!

Vietnamese ≠ Vietnamese!

One thing that is really special about Monsieur Vuong: Their menu changes every two days. This enables all foodies in Berlin to try new specialities every time visiting this Vietnamese family run hotspot. The atmosphere is really cozy, familial and feels a little bit like on the street of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. And least, but not least: Don’t forget to try the dreamy creamy Vietnamese espresso, as served. in the cafés of Saigon and Hanoi. You won’t regret it! And now that we are at the end of this foodie guide and to answer the question “Where to eat in Berlin” – we can all answer that question now and choose our favorite restaurant <3

“You can create here independently, afford your little space, and do whatever the f*** you want to do.”

Miron Zownir

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