Mozart’s favorites: Salzburg’s best foodie spots

written by Elisabeth 9. July 2019
Mozart’s favorites: Salzburg’s best foodie spots

Visiting Salzburg is all about having the most pleasurable experience. There is so much to get to know in this gorgeous little town: you will definitely enjoy the music and the surroundings, and we have got you covered concerning your food intake as well! Here are some of our favorite spots for small healthy munches and larger hearty meals during your stay in Salzburg.

You can’t have a full life on an empty stomach.

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The best Early Bird Eats

As with pretty much everything, small Salzburg also offers a surprisingly wide range in the breakfast corner. Most of our favorites are pretty laid back concerning the hours that they serve breakfast, so not only the early bird but also the late rising one can enjoy a morning meal.

1. Café Bazar

The Café Bazar is as traditional Austrian as they come. Try a mélange (small coffee with milk foam) and enjoy the view right at the river. The waiters radiate a very sophisticated charm and are always up for a chat and some insider tip about the city and its many events. Prices are reasonable and – tough its traditional setting might not suggest it – you can “individualize” your breakfast with veggie versions of traditional plates, gluten-free bread or alternative milk or yogurt.

2. Café Würfel Zucker

A favorite of ours is the Cafe Würfel Zucker (transl. sugar cube) which – hands down – serves the best strudels you can imagine. Try a berry one and thank us later. The cute terrace has a nice view of the river and makes you feel above and right in the middle of the city at the same time.

3. 220 Grad Café

If you are a freshly-roasted-coffee-aficionado, 220 Grad Café will suit you perfectly! This modern café is situated in the heart of the beautiful Kaiviertel and also offers a coffee roastery in another location nearby. Their menu is small but very appealing and all food is organic and prepared to delight.

Honorary mentions

Café Wernbacher, right across from The Mirabelle Garden has a nice terrace and offers a good variety of breakfasts from simple rolls to croque madams and eggs benedict. If you fancy it fancy Carpe Diem is right up your alley.

Lovely Lunch Spots in town

If you explored all morning it is time to re-charge your batteries. Here are some of the lunch locations in Salzburg we can highly recommend:

1. My Indigo

All kinds of filling and satisfying bowls and curries as well as health salads and sushi are a good bet at one of the My Indigo restaurants, that can be found all over Salzburg. But honestly, you can literally walk into any of the traditional Gasthäuser (transl. restaurants) for a quick (or slow) lunch, they often offer lunch menus at good price points. Some of our favorites are:

2. Stieglkeller

Believe us, this place has the most beautiful view from their terrace in all Salzburg. They have their own brewery, the food is delicious, though a little on the pricier side. If you want to try the famousSalzburger Nockerl, do it here. Great for lunch, since they also offer set menus, but also wonderful at sundown.

3. Zum Wilden Mann

If you want to eat where the locals do, this is the right place for you. Zum Wilden Mann was founded in 1884. Since then it prides itself with having a very mixed crowd of “all walks of life”. Just let the staff seat you at one of the few big tables. Be open and simply talk to the people sitting next to you, just like one does in Salzburg. And yes, the food is “no bells and whistles” straight awesome.

Honorary mention

The Andreas Hofer Weinstube can be found in one of Salzburg’s oldest streets, the Steingasse.

Sensational Snack Time

Widely considered the best time of the day, we – as you might have noticed previously – are big fans of a little snack in between. Therefore, we present you with one savory and one sweet option to munch on in between while you are visiting Salzburg.

1. Balkan Grill Walter

A Würstel (sausage) is a Würstel is a Würstel? Nope, think again. People here in Salzburg take their Wurst seriously. And for a snack, no matter the daytime, there can only be one Würstel. The little “hole in the wall” Balkan Grill Walter offers the best of its kind. But don’t call it a hot dog. A bosnacontains two grilled pork sausages, onions, fresh parsley and a secret blend of spices, served between two slices of white bread. Do it like a local and order a Nr. 2!

2. Café Konditorei Fürst

An official fight which Mozartkugel is the “original” one has been going on for ages in Salzburg. If you ask a local, the real ones are from confectioner Paul Fürst. Head over there, have a coffee and check out the chocolate balls that are worth fighting about.

Dream Dinner Locations

What makes a good day end even better? A nice dinner where you can review all you’ve experienced through the day. Here are our top pics:

1. Arge Beisl

For a modern vibe, visit the Arge Beisl for your evening meal. We highly recommend the pasta as well as the falafel dishes. Since this is not only a restaurant but also an event space, you might be able to catch a stand-up comedy show, a play or some performance art there.

2. Augustiner Bräu Kloster

  • Address: Lindhofstrasse 7
  • Opening Hours: MON – FRI 3am to 11pm, SAT – SUN 2:30am – 11pm
  • Connect: Find Augustiner Bräu Kloster on their website & on Instagram

If you visit only one beer garden in your whole life, make it this one. The Augustiner Bräu Kloster located in a beautiful monastery is a piece of living history. Also if you’re not big on beer, just give this place a try. You get your drink in a clay jug and there are food stalls everywhere.

Try a little bit of everything and let the atmosphere sink in. Best to be enjoyed in the summer, when chestnut trees cover the beautiful outside area, but also very charming during colder weather, when the very traditional wooden and marble interiors will have you transported into another time.

3. Zum fidelen Affen

This corner of Salzburg will make you feel like you are visiting a city in the Mediterranean. The restaurant is located in a little square close to Linzergasse with lots of other restaurants, bars, cute shops and some food stalls. Be sure to have a reservation, this place is always crowded since the food is very tasty.

Just promise us not to go for the “Affen-Steak” but rather try one of the traditional Austrian foods that they have on their menu, like the chicken in beer batter or the goulash. Also, their desserts are amazing and the menu is handed to you on a rolling pin. 

Honorary Mentions

If you are done with Schnitzel, Bratl and Salzburger Nockerl, Da Giacomo, Die Cabreras and Nagano are safe bets for Italian, Mexican and Japanese cuisine in Salzburg.

Take your time to discover Salzburg

At the end we would like to come back to our beginning sentence of our first post On and off the beaten tracks in Salzburg. Remember to walk slowly and take in the little things that are hidden in every nook and cranny of this beautiful city. This might not be the hippest nor the biggest town you will ever set foot in but you will leave – hopefully – having adopted a little bit of its coziness, slow speed and feel inspired by its rich culture and wonderfully friendly people.

If you have a little more time the next time you plan to visit, the stunning surroundings of Salzburg boast the most beautiful mountain regions for hiking and of course skiing and almost unreal crystal-clear lakes to enjoy during winter or summertime. So much to see, do and taste, but one thing after the other, right?

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