Need a little “pick me up”?

written by Elisabeth 14. February 2021
Need a little “pick me up”?

Six restaurants with delivery or pick-up service in Vienna that truly “deliver”

We handpicked six restaurants for you that offer a pick-up or delivery service, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty cooking. So, let’s take your tastebuds to India, Vietnam, Italy, Austria and Sichuan China, all while staying in Vienna. Ordering in and having all the tasty delicacies coming in well prepared and ready to eat can be super-satisfying and delightful and even feel kind of luxurious. And – since this is the closest we can get to the real thing – a little bit like traveling with your tastebuds.

When you (and/or our kitchen) need a break

This has been – hands down – one of the most unusual years of our lives. What are we saying – the most unusual! If times would have been different, our year would have comprised some short and some longer travels, some bites here and some morsels there and so on. Food and culture are intertwined, so discovering a new country and enjoying its flair and also culinary landscape grants you the most tasteful impressions, connects you with likeminded people and might even open up a window towards new perspectives and also possibilities – therefor traveling and the respective eating are one of our most cherished endeavors.   

Since travelling was not an option we focused on one of our other favorites BIG time. Cooking became not only a daily necessity but also an outlet for creativity, relaxation and yes – pleasure. Head over to our What to cook category and check out some of our recipes for any mealtime, occasion and taste.

The big BUT is coming up now. Sometimes you don’t have time to prepare you own meal. Or you forgot to buy the right ingredients and all your fridge has to offer doesn’t seem right. And sometimes (even for us) you just. don’t. feel. like. cooking. But where to order? We’ve got you covered!

1. Vietnamese Food: Pho Saigon

  • Connect via Instagram or Facebook
  • Order via:
  • Districts covered: 1-10 (more upon request)
  • For 2 we spent: 36,50 €

Vietnamese restaurants have been popping up on every corner in Vienna recently. We’ve tried a few and consider Pho Saigon one of the best. The thing with the Vietnamese signature “pho” dish is that the soup has to be on point. Not too chicken-soupy, not to spicy – it needs to be the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, a bit lemony with extra lime and basil on the side. Also, the noodles need to be chewy and hearty. Sigh.

What we ordered:

  • Banh Cuon: steamed rice paper pockets stuffed with ground pork. Hearty, tender & melt-in the mouth.
  • Pho Ga: Pho with chicken – perfectly seasoned, very satisfying.  
  • Pho Bo: translates into Pho with beef – very nice quality meat and a well sized portion.

Special plus: We have to really congratulate Pho Saigon on the presentation! From all we ordered for this blog post, this delivery was the prettiest, right from the start. The high-quality containers, holding the food perfectly. We enjoyed the dishes directly out of them without using extra plates, which we seldomly do – but here the food was also a feast for the eyes from the beginning. Extra plus for not having to do the dishes!

A feast for the eyes!

2. Indian Food: Nam Nam Deli

  • Connect via Instagram or Facebook
  • Order via:
  • Districts covered: 4.- 8., 10., 12., 15., 23. (more on request)
  • For 2 we spent: 36,70 €

After a long day, nothing is better than a comforting bowl of steaming lentils, and if you ask us, Nam Nam Deli does a fine one. We ordered and after only half an hour our selection of Indian delights arrived.

What we ordered:

  • Vegan samosas: puffy pastry dough, potatoes and other veggies – nice and comforting.
  • Nam Nam roles: little sturdier pastry dough, filled with seasoned minced beef. A little on the drier side but great with sauces and chutneys (rec: order them!)
  • Dal makhani (vegan): creamy, tasty, wonderful.
  • Lamb bhuna: spicy and not for the faint-heated, if you don’t enjoy hot food.
  • Portion: It was A LOT. We could have saved something for lunch the next day … but didn’t.

Special plus: The mango lassi that was added to our order came as a creamy and fruity-fresh surprising delight and can be highly recommended.

Our kind of comfort food!

3. Sichuan Chinese Food: China Kitchen 27

  • Connect via Facebook or Instagram
  • Order via: easiest via Phone (yes, real interaction)
  • Info: The restaurant delivers directly – delivery service 2,90 €, free above 30 €, self- pick up possible
  • Districts covered:  1.-9., 12. & 15. (cash only)  
  • For 2 we spent: 34,40 €

This authentic Chinese restaurant in the heart of Vienna’s tiny Chinatown at the Naschmarkt area was recently renovated but had to close “you know what”-related. How much one likes a certain dish is, of course, always a matter of taste – in the mouth of the beholder – so to speak. And especially with Chinese food it can be quite difficult to find a favorite. The lovely staff at China Kitchen 27 is always ready to describe a certain food to you or maybe suggest something quite similar without you having to eat anything that might not be on your usual menu, like certain kinds of meats or innards. Also, they have a wide range of vegetarian choices and their tofu variants are numerous.

What we ordered:

  • Lotus roots in miso sauce: a real must, if you like lotus.
  • Peking pork in sweet fermented flour sauce: with chinese pancakes. Imagine as a cool twist to traditional peking duck.
  • Yu xiang eggplant: very smooth eggplant, slices of yuba, slightly hot and wonderful.
  • Portion: Big. Better be hungry.

Special plus: Super super friendly and helpful staff. 

4. Healthy modern Lunch: Rita bringt’s

  • Connect via Instagram and Facebook
  • Order via: Directly via Website
  • Districts covered: The delivery area is stated as “circling around the first district”, you can enter your zip code and check the availability.
  • For 2 we spent: 18,90 €

Rita bringt’s (transl.: Rita delivers) focuses on healthy and organic ingredients and mostly vegetarian dishes. You can choose between one or two menus a day. A fun and modern mixture of bowls, salads, stews, quiches, falafel, curries and so on. Orders are taken until 4pm on the day before delivery. Fun fact: Rita does not claim to deliver hot food (they don`t further specify the delivery time more than “between 9.30 pm and 12.00 pm), therefor the food comes with ideal re-heating instructions.

What we ordered:

  • Braised root vegetables with tahini and lemon polenta: very filling, tasty veggies, fluffy polenta, creamy tahini, can be enjoyed cold as well.
  • Mixed salad (included in lunch menu): solid, with good mustardy-dressing.
  • Beetroot soup (included in lunch menu): prettiest pink but rather mild.
  • Portion: more than reasonable

Special Plus: This is the one that probably positively surprised us the most, we have to admit. The delivered paper bag was put on our doormat without us noticing, we probably overheard the bell ringing. It first looked as if the small containers could not hold a lot of food (and we were especially hungry this day). Turns out Rita puts quite a lot in relatively small (as their website states fully recyclable) boxes and cups.

All those colors!

5. Hearty traditional Lunch: Mitzitant’

  • Connect: Via Website, find the daily menu there
  • Order: only via phone, self-pick-up (if you are close enough, they might deliver, best to inquire when calling.  
  • For 2 we spent: 18,80 €

It does not get more “traditional Viennese” than Mitzitant’. We discovered their restaurant during a perfectly mild summer evening marveling at their beautiful façade and gorgeous magnolia tree, which was in full bloom. Charming waiters, checkered table clothes, perfectly sugar-coated apricot dumplings that dreams are made of.

What we ordered:

  • Carott and leek soup (part of lunch menu): salty, carrot, creamy.
  • Beef roulades with spiraled noodles: A – MA – ZING, if you eat meat, do yourself the favor.
  • White cabbage roulades filled with minced meat an rice with potatoes wedges: perfect combination of tasty and paprika-y, strong need to lie down afterwards, sigh.
  • Portion: truly huge, leftovers guaranteed.

Special plus: When you order, they will be sure to ask you to bring your own containers. How cool is that? It does not get more sustainable. But don’t worry, they will have some containers available in case yours are not big enough, or you cannot bring any. Viennese charm included!

6. Classic Italian: Regina Margherita

  • Connect: via Instagram and Facebook
  • Ordered via
  • Districts covered: We know they deliver to 1.-9., but you can enter your zip code and check the availability.
  • For 2 we spent: 29 €

The classic “order-in food”. In our minds, pizza can cure ANYthing and is so comforting. These ones boasted a very crunchy crust and the juiciest toppings, with perfectly chewy buffalo mozzarella. We only heard the best things about their other dishes, but never got over ordering their amazing pizza. The only downside here is that we’d rather sit in their lovely garden than on our kitchen table.

What we ordered:

  • Pizza Benvenuto al SUD: Buffalo mozzarella, tuna, cappers, olives, tropea onion – salty, tasty, amazing.
  • Pizza Regina Margherita: Buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rucola, parma ham, grana padano – lovely, salty, their signature pizza.
  • Portion: Ø ca. 29cm

Special plus: If you are like us and like to enjoy your food superhot, deliveries and pick-ups can be difficult sometimes. Our order – though obviously not directly from the oven – was still “as warm as it gets” and still a VERY nice pizza.

Food for thought

Take care of yourself, especially during these challenging times. Food and nourishment in general are crucial for our health in general, immune system and also effects or mood. So try to celebrate each meal, be a mindful eater and or least sit down with your food. What are your favorite places in Vienna to order in or pick up your meals from? We’d love to hear what kinds of food make you especially happy!

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