Easy homemade popsicles with Kiwi and Mango-Yogurt

written by Julia 29. July 2019
Easy homemade popsicles with Kiwi and Mango-Yogurt

How the beat the heat with popsicles!

The hottest days of the year are calling for refreshments. Yogurt = good. Mango = good. A frozen yogurt popsicle of sorts = goooooooooood. That was pretty much my thought process. A creamy yogurt popsicle mixed with sweet mango or pure kiwi awesomeness. MUST MAKE NOW.

Popsicles should be the new black and then everyone would have one.

Frank Iero

Cold as ice? Yes please!

We loved to have an ice cream daily when we were kids. But frozen treats aren’t just for the young. These inventive desserts on a stick are perfect for your next dinner party, picnic or just an amazing dessert for your lunch break. And the best thing about it: they are even healthy. Full of fruity power, no sugar added and full of taste.

But they’re not just for looks. They taste great too. They’re a little bit tart and a little bit sweet at the same time. Perfect for an mid summer treat.

3 ingredients – full pleasure!

I like using Greek yogurt, but a low fat or full fat variety works too! Oh, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be Greek; any yogurt you love works. But why not get in that extra protein?! In popsicles. Cool. As you know I love it simple, I decided to add just two more ingredients: pure mango purée and one hint of lemon to get that extra feeling. For all our chocolate lovers: You can always add some chocolate glazing topped with almonds. Yummie!

Ice-cream is the favorite currency of love.

Easy homemade popsicles with Kiwi and Mango-Yogurt

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Serves: 8 Prep Time: Cooking Time:


  • The kiwi popsicles:
  • 8 ripe kiwis
  • 2 ripe lemons
  • 6 teaspoons of orange juice
  • 2 teaspoons of honey (optional, if you like it sweet)
  • The mango-yogurt popsicles:
  • 2 ripe mangos
  • 500g greek yogurt
  • 2 ripe lemons
  • 2 teaspoons of honey (optional, if you like it sweet)
  • For the chocolate glaze:
  • 150g dark chocolate
  • 1 stick unsalted butter


The mango-yogurt popsicles:

  1. In a food processor combine the yogurt with the lemon juice and mango if you have a sweet tooth.
  2. Blend the mango pieces until smooth.
  3. Pour the mango mixture in a popsicle mold, then fill with the yogurt.
  4. Insert the sticks and freeze until hard (best overnight).
  5. Take the frozen popsicles out, let them sit at room temperature for a few minutes before taking them out of the mold. Place a sheet of parchment paper in the freezer and place the popsicles onto it.
  6. For the glaze: Chop the chocolate into tiny pieces and place it into a bowl. Add diced butter. Pour the melted chocolate into a heat-proof glass and dip each popsicle in. Take it out and let the excess chocolate drip back in the glass before placing it in the freezer again. Repeat with the rest of the popsicles. You can add crushed almonds for an extra crunchiness. 
  7. The popsicles will only need about 2 minutes for the chocolate to set completely.
  8. Enjoy and share with your friends! 

The kiwi popsicles:

  1. Remove the peel of the kiwis.
  2. Blend the kiwis (6 out of eight pieces)  in a food processor or blender on high speed until nearly liquified into a smoothie-like consistency. 
  3. Take 2 kiwis and cut into thin slices to place in the popsicle mold. 
  4. Pour the thick kiwi liquid into a large bowl. Stir in the honey and the lemon juice.
  5. Add the orange juice and very gently mix everything together. Taste it. If you want it sweeter, you can add a little more honey.
  6. Place one kiwi slice into each popsicle mold. Pour the mixture evenly into each popsicle mold.
  7. If your popsicle mold has slots for sticks, you can insert them before freezing – if not, freeze for 2 hours, then put a wooden popsicle stick in the middle.
  8. Continue to freeze for an additional 4-6 hours or overnight.
  9. And last, but not least: Freeze, eat, obsess, repeat. 


These popsicles are also delicious without the chocolate glaze. The more mango you add the more flavorful the frozen yogurt gets. Lemon can be omitted.

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