Take me out: 5 Places to grab a bite in Vienna

written by Elisabeth 7. May 2021
Take me out: 5 Places to grab a bite in Vienna

Eating out is one of the true pleasures of life. No matter at which time of the day, it’s always kind of a treat. While we are all patiently waiting for bars and restaurants in Vienna to open again soon after a long period of take-away only, schedule a (socially distanced) walking-date and check out some of the places to grab a bite on the go. We carefully sampled some of our favourite places to grab a bite on the streets of Vienna. Check this out!

Eating out is one of the true pleasures of life.

No matter at what time of the day, it’s always kind of a treat. A large part of the experience is of course about the food that is being served, but also the atmosphere (and who you are with) contributes greatly to the experience. From upbeat and energized tappa-eating, with everyone sharing food and listening to semi-loud music, to enjoying pizza in the middle of the street with people constantly walking by interacting, to sitting down on a sushi counter, where it is quiet, and you are presented your food piece by piece. From Austrian Wirtshaus-feeling with charming staff that is chatty, to a romantic dinner, where the atmosphere is cosy and intimate…sigh.

At this moment, we are all counting the days until we’ll order a Spritzer at a bar, or finally go to our very personal favourite eatery in town! For now, let’s grab some more bites on the streets of Vienna. Kuddos to all you lovely people who came up with amazing take-away food concepts and ideas!

1. Falafel at the Naschmarkt: Flavorful vacation-like strolling

  • Who: Dr Falafel KG
  • Where: Naschmarkt 560, 1060 Vienna
  • When: Mon to Sat, 8am – 6pm
  • Connect on Facebook or Instagram

Nothing is more Viennese than meeting up for a stroll at the famous Naschmarkt in the sixth district. “Naschen” can be translated as “to nibble”, “to taste” or “to snack” and this is what you’ll experience here. Viennese people don’t really come to buy their regular groceries but to indulge in specialties and get to taste something here and there. The Naschmarkt boasts a very cool Bazar-like vibe with all kinds of vendors and market stalls offering food from all around the world. Marketers are super-friendly and chatty, and you are offered to taste some of their wonderful olives, marinated veggies, dried fruit or falafel over the counter if you are lucky.

The falafel is where we are headed here. Get it in a pita, on a sandwich, or simply on a napkin and enjoy while walking. Dr. Falafel is our choice here at the market. Though there are many good falafel vendors on this spot, we believe in Dr Falafel’s academic falafel-making abilities! Also, the price is amazing. One falafel for only 0,50 cents.

Best thing? You are very likely to get an extra one dipped in the hummus of your choice. So, grab a friend and soak up the atmosphere!

2. Kaiserschmarren 2 go: Take a walk on the fluffy side

  • Who: Demel, K & K Hofzuckerbäcker Wien
  • Where: Kohlmarkt 14, 1010 Vienna
  • When: daily from 11am to 7pm
  • Connect on Facebook or Instagram

Kaiserschmarren is the epitome of Viennese – actually Austrian in general – dessert. Though made with eggs, flour and milk, never dare to describe it as pancake or waffle-like dough. Why? If you have tried it, you’ll know. It’s fluffy bits of heaven! (Raisins soaked in rum are debatable – some love them, others can’t stand them)

At the moment, Kaiserschmarren-stalls are mushrooming around the whole city of Vienna. To really get a (in our taste) perfect one, we would like to point you to one of the most famous coffeehouses in towm, right in the first district: DEMEL. Loved by young Emperor Franz Joseph I. and his wife Sissi alike, nowadays you can watch how their pâtissiers make the delicious Kaiserschmarren through the shop window. Served in cute little paper-cones featuring Franz: small(-ish) portion for 5,90€, big one for 7,90€ – it’s not cheap, but perfectly strolling-friendly.

3. The original Würstel: Wait for the Wurst

  • Who: Bitzinger Würstelstand
  • Where: Albertinaplatz 1, 1010 Vienna
  • When: daily from 11am to 7pm
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Don’t be confused, the Viennese call their “Wiener Würstel” (Viennese sausage) Frankfurter. There is an enormous array of preferences and Viennese people are very peculiar about their Würstel, and Bitzinger boasts them all. Sacher Würstel, Klobasse, Grillwurst, Debreziner, Bosna, Waldviertler, Currywurst and so on. Not only is this an important choice to make but also your Beilagen (“side dishes” ) matter. There are classic pickles such as cucumbers and pepperoni, freshly grinded horseradish (we can highly recommend, goes with everything) different condiments and sauces.

And you have to decide on the bread as well. Semmerl, Brezn’ or a simple slice of bread. Never French fries or a mayonnaise salad, trust us. Have yourself an Almdudler (traditional Austrian soda), a Spritzer Weiss (white wine with sparkling water) or a beer of your choice (try a can, it will feel great). Despite the occasional raised eyebrow (we told you sausage-eating is a BIG thing in Vienna) most combinations work, and the friendly staff will explain everything.

Pro tip: Be there early. As soon as it opens there WILL BE A LINE. Amazing people-watching included.

By the way: The rabbit on top of the kiosk is a nod to the painting by Albrecht Dürer, which can be visited in the Albertina Museum next to Bitzinger.

4. Leberkäse: A loaf of love

  • Who: Leberkas Peppi
  • Where: Operngasse 12, 1010 Vienna
  • When: Mon to Sat from 10am to 6pm
  • Connect on Facebook or Instagram

The Leberkäsesemmerl has a long tradition in Austria, some might even call it the “original Austrian Burger”. You really have to try Leberkäse to know what it is. We can best describe it to you as a really fine hot meat loaf. In Austria and in Bavaria it is a very common snack that is served as a sandwich inside a halfed bread roll. Since we love a good variety, we warmly recommend the Leberkas-Peppi eateries to you. There are two in Vienna. We went to the one at Operngasse, close to the city center. They offer the “good old classic”, as well as options with cheese, mushrooms, onions, chili, pizza-flavored and a few others.

This snack is flavorful, salty and a little spicey and with a super-crunchy roll (Kaisersemmerl) a very filling and highly satisfying bundle to enjoy while walking. Tough not for the faint-hearted, when it comes to calories. But, oh well, just walk a little longer.

5. Vollpension: Grannies know best!

  • Who: Vollpension Café
  • Where: Schleifmühlgasse 16, 1040 Vienna
  • When: Wed to Sun from 11am to 6pm
  • Connect on Facebook or Instagram

We have been fangirls since day one! Not only because of the extremely homely athmosphere at the two Vollpension Cafés in Vienna and the hands-down best cakes in town that are freshly baked by the cutest and most charming grandmas and grandpas ever. But especially because of the main idea of this project! Vollpension is a place where retirees can work to bolster their often meagre pensions, where they find company and bake away their loneliness! It’s a place where different generations collaborate, share their experience and learn from each other. It’s a safe place where old and young celebrate life in one place.

When Austria’s first virus lockdown hit, Vollpension had to close their doors. To keep the grannies and grandpas going and be able to still pay them for their work, the team came up with a brilliant idea: taking Vollpension online and teaching baking skills in digital baking classes. Because we all know, that grannies and grandpas make the best cakes, right? What started as an Austrian project is now becoming a global phenomenon! Vollpension is currently looking for international grannies and grandpas who’d like to teach their skills online and earn some extra money while doing so. Spread the word about their initiative Bake Against Poverty, tell your grandparents, your elderly neighbours and friends about it!

And in case you can’t wait to finally go to the cafés again, make sure to order a cake online, book a baking class, order a picnic basket with exquisite delicacies or grab some coffee, cake and their famous “Buchteln” (sweet Austrian yeast buns) at their café! Pro tip: On Saturdays and Sundays you can also get some glutenfree Buchteln!

What about you?

What are your go to “walk-with-me” take-aways in Vienna? Or wherever you are at the moment? Are there any trends detectably in your city or area at the moment? We’d love to hear from you!

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