Top 5 Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Madrid

written by Dajana 2. July 2019
Top 5 Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Madrid

Get the ideal kickstart of energy in the morning

With all the paella, tapas, sangria and gin tonic you’ll be thinking about when in Madrid, breakfast might tend to fly under your radar! But you should definitely plan to check out some of the cute little cafés, breakfast and brunch spots and make sure to have a small breakfast before starting your day and discovering the beauty of Madrid!

Breakfast in Madrid is usually smaller than in other countries, but madrileños will make sure it is just as tasty. From typical pan tostado con tomate (toasted bread with fresh tomato sauce), to churros with chocolate – we’ve got you covered! Check out our favorite breakfast and brunch places in Madrid here!

I love sleep, because it’s like a time machine to breakfast.

1. Chocolatería San Ginés

The Chocolatería San Ginés is Madrid’s oldest and most famous chocolatería that serves one of the city’s most popular breakfast combinations: chocolate and churros. The building dates back to 1890, but it was only in 1894 that San Ginés began serving their famous chocolate and churros. The hot chocolate is thick and steaming which makes it perfect for dipping some fresh fried churros into. We have to admit it’s not a light breakfast but a calorie-filled sweat treat that is worth trying as well as pretty addictive.

Insider tip: avoid getting your churros fix between 10 and 11am. This is when plenty of tourists go there! Locals usually pop in between 2 to 6am after a long night of partying to get their churros and chocolate before going to bed.

2. La Musa Latina

Located in the popular La Latina district, La Musa Latina is part of the La Musa Group that was founded in 1996. Since the first opening of La Musa in Madrid’s Malasaña neighborhood, the La Musa Group opened several restaurants around the town. When in the Latina neighborhood check out La Musa Latina at any time of the day – they are serving everything from breakfast to dinner and drinks. Go there for a sweet or savory breakfast, fresh smoothies and your daily fix of caffeine. Vegan and vegetarian options are available, too.

Insider tip: La Musa Latina works on two levels! Upstairs is the restaurant serving dishes from breakfast to dinner and tapas. Downstairs you’ll find the bar area that is perfect for a drink or two in the evening. 

3. La Pastelería del Duque

La Pastelería del Duque is a nice little café in the heart of La Latina and a nice spot for breakfast, a sweet snack or a piece of homemade cake. They also offer savory breakfast options, fresh juices and fruit. This place is a good option if you are looking for a snack and caffeine fix before starting your busy day in Madrid.

Insider tip: Find a free table in- or outside and directly head over to the counter to order your breakfast. Self-service only!

A day without coffee is like … just kidding!

I have no idea!


4. Plántate Café

We discovered this little cozy café with nice interior by accident on our first morning in Madrid. Go to Plántate Café to enjoy a cup of really good specialty coffee, fresh breakfast and brunch or a snack in the afternoon. The menu is small but all dishes are delicious and moderately priced. Order one of the brunch options that include toasted bread with fresh tomato sauce, yoghurt with fruit and cereals and some coffee. The drink menu features some of the specialty coffee musts like flat white, macchiato, cold brew, filter coffee, an assortment of teas, and more.

Insider tip: You can also buy plants such as cacti, some selected design objects, handmade cups, coffee gear from leading brands and more at Plántate Café. Don’t forget to have a look at everything! Also, special kudos to the Plántate team for the amazing 90s and early 2000 playlist – we really enjoyed it!

5. Ruda Café

Ruda Café is a tiny specialty coffee and tea place in the La Latina neighborhood in Madrid. They offer a big variety from a classic espresso and cappuccino to cold brew coffee and iced latte that are the perfect treat on hot days. Prices are reasonable, and you can also have some toasted bread with fresh tomato sauce here or go for some of the sweet options like toasted bread with peanut butter and bananas or homemade cake.

Insider tip: Have a look at their selection of coffee equipment that you can also buy at the café. There’s everything a coffee lover’s heart might be longing for: french press, aeropress and many more!

With all the traditional cafés and new specialty coffee shops that can be found everywhere around Madrid it won’t be hard to find a nice one for your breakfast. We recommend you to have a smaller breakfast to prepare yourself for all the tapas you will eat during the day as well as a bigger dinner in the late evening.

Want to find out more about the best foodie spots in Madrid? Check out our ultimate Madrid Food & Drink Guide!

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