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From scrumptious traditional delicacies and tapas to sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine: Mallorca has it all! Especially if you know where to go and if you avoid tourist traps. Vegetarian or vegans might find it a little bit harder to discover the best foodie spots around the island. We travelled to Mallorca and found some great places that serve traditional cuisine as well as delicious vegan and vegetarian options. Check out where to eat in Mallorca here!

    The 6 best Restaurants in Mallorca

    Well, where do I start. When we took off for our Mallorca trip, I expected to praise this island for its amazing food and the variety of healthy and especially veggie meals.

    When in Mallorca – Reality meets expectation.

    Little did I know. There were days I absolutely did not know what to eat because deep-frozen pizza margarita was the only available option. Of course, touristic places all over will never be famous for their high-level cuisines. Mallorca’s south-eastern part was the worst: Seafood and meat everywhere, no veggie options at all.

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