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Berlin is the place in Germany where food trends happen first! Also, you’ll find new hip bars and eateries around every corner. This vibrant city’s food scene is influenced by many cultures! When speaking of typical Berlin foods you will never find a list that does not include the obligatory Döner Kebap and Currywurst. But there’s so much more to discover! Check out our Berlin foodie guides here!

    Where to eat in Berlin: The ultimate food guide

    Berlin – the city that never not eats!

    Berlin is one of those cities that never will be out of fashion. As Germanys capital and cultural center, Berlin is often called one of the most vibrant cities – rich in faces, lifestyles and flavors. Its fascination is interminable, its rhythm of life still a little faster than in other European cities and its style – its style is still copied all around the world. When we speak about “Berlin Chic”, everyone has a particular image in mind. Black shirt, black jeans, maybe a little bit shabby, but one thing for sure: it’s different.

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