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    Top 8 things to see in North-West Mallorca

    Discovering the north-west of Mallorca

    Finally the decade where people just thought of Ballermann, Party and getting the booze is over – because Mallorca is so much more. This incredible island with so many faces really turned into one of my favorite spots to go when it comes to relaxing and just enjoying a few days off. I would call this island a beauty with rough edges – the northern part seems way more dramatic than the south of Mallorca.

    I would even say that nowhere in Mallorca you will find a more fresh, colorful, exciting and splendid landscape. Imagine! The ocean meets the mountains, the dark blue meets fresh sparkles of green. Perhaps you can’t find another spot with a landscape as unspoiled and untouched as in the Northern part of the island. Interested? Then follow us around on our north-west Mallorca tour. Let’s go!

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