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    Heribert Bayer: Pioneers of Austrian Wine Culture

    Where high quality meets a unique philosophy

    You might have heard about excellent white wines from Austria or even the so called “Weißer Spritzer” that people in Austria love to drink. What if I told you that there are also great Austrian red wines? Would you consider ordering an Austrian instead of a French or Italian one? In fact, the country is largely known for its outstanding white wines. But did you know that more than one-third of Austria’s vineyards are planted to red grapes? Most of them are dedicated to indigenious varieties that are adapted to Austria’s climate and soil – such as Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt. We wanted to find out more about Austrian wine. So we reached out to Patrick Bayer and Katja Bernegger who are representing Heribert Bayer Wines in second generation. If you want to learn more about why today Austria’s wines have a great foundation for global success, then read on!

    14. November 2019 2 comments
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