How to Plan a Hipster Garden Party

written by Julia 28. July 2018
How to Plan a Hipster Garden Party

Summer= Party season! Summertime calls for legendary garden parties. All we want to do is hanging with our loved ones, enjoying magic summer nights outside and celebrating life. If it’s your birthday or engagement – even better. A little party never killed nobody.

As Pinterest & Co. are flooded with hipster-garden-party DIY, I was really dreaming of having my own garden party one day. When I turned 30 last December, I decided to give myself the most amazing present: Throwing a legendary garden-party in summertime to celebrate my birthday. With my family, friends and all the people I care about.

My decision was fixed.  The date was planned for some time in July and the biggest challenge was to find the perfect garden. Easy to say, hard to find – to be honest.

A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in. What more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.

Victor Hugo

It turned out that a good friend of mine has perfect garden. Big enough, but not too spacious that people don’t interact with each other. I totally underestimated the whole prepping process – it was way more work than I thought in the beginning. But in the end, it was totally worth every minute of preparing accessories, thinking about a theme and planning the menu and drinks.

So, if you are planning your own super-awesome garden party, follow this 8 steps to your legendary party:

STEP 1: Make a proper guest List.

  • How many people are you planning to host? Is it going to be an intimate group or mixed friends from different circles of friends?
  • Mixed – Family and Friends? Or friends only?
  • Are you planning to host friends with kids?

STEP 2: Fix the party type.

  • What is your budget: Low-Budget or High-Budget?
  • Afternoon Kids Party with Playground?
  • Or evening party with food and buffet?
  • Or night party just with drinks and dance?

STEP 3: Find your location.

Things you should consider when deciding on the location:

  • Does the amount of invited people fit properly?
  • Is there a back-up solution if it’s raining that day?
  • Are you allowed to play music – at least as background music?
  • Any neighbors who should be informed in advance?
  • Is this location equipped with tables and benches? If not, is there any option nearby to rent them?
  • Does a waterproof party tent save you from a sudden, heavy rain?

STEP 4: Start the prepping early.

  • You won’t regret it. I started around 9 months in advance:
  • I first fixed the date. First things first. As I planned to celebrate during wedding season I first sent out a digital save-the-date. Just to make sure.
  • After a few weeks, I knew approx. how many people will attend. Made it easier for the whole location planning.
  • As I found the perfect location, I sent out the print invitation with the most important information: Date, Location, Theme and what to bring. (Nothing but a good mood but always a nice add-on)

STEP 5: If someone offers a helping hand, say YES.

  • To be fair, many people offered me help during the preppin’ and first I really wanted to all by myself. Perfectionist, right? But in the end, I was more than thankful for every helping hand: During the food haul, the cooking or the cleaning afterwards.

STEP 6: Let’s get creative.

  • I totally love theme parties – I really think its lot of fun. So I started with a brainstorming which motto can be actually fun for everyone and I totally got hooked with the “Dirty Dancing” Idea – it was also a perfect match to call the party “THIRTY DANCING” – a tiny, but funny detail.
  • In my opinion, people love mottos because they can be creative.
  • In addition to that, everyone gets attached with the party even before it already started.

STEP 7: Go wild with the decoration.

  • You love watermelons, flamingos and unicorns? Then, go for it.
  • I think for the perfect garden party, there is only one true rule: MORE IS MORE.
  • To be honest, I escalated a tiny little bit: I really love , love Balloons. Like, I literally love them. And one of my favorite online shops DIE MACHEREI offers various options from tiny to huge, filled with colorful sparkling confetti. So, I ordered a bunch of them, just to be sure.
  • Research on Pinterest and find the kind of inspiration you are looking for. Tiny notice: Create a own party board so you can collect all styles, types and so on. If you don’t want anyone to see your research, you can also create private boards – for your eyes only J
  • Get influenced by Bloggers, Influencers, Brands, Movies – Copy, but combine it with your own style, to have a unique party.

STEP 8: Tiny details make a huge difference.

  • The theme is a movie, a decade?
  • Find quotes, songs, accessories – print them on stickers, leaflets or just put them near the buffet. Pimp your own decoration.
  • I really love the quotes from dirty dancing – so I created a quote-quiz, where all guests had to guess which quote was NOT from dirty dancing. Was great fun and a good ice breaker.
  • Make a playlist in advance to give your party the surrounding you are wishing for.

Last, but not least – the most important thing:

  • you will be stressed.
  • You will be in a hurry, as you want everyone to be happy. But: Take a deep breath – everyone at this party loves you and prefers a tiny chat with you over the perfect party. So enjoy your party, have fun – then it’s gonna be legendary <3


XOXO, Team Rast.Los.Gelöst


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