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Berlin is the place in Germany where food trends happen first! Also, you’ll find new hip bars and eateries around every corner. This vibrant city’s food scene is influenced by many cultures! When speaking of typical Berlin foods you will never find a list that does not include the obligatory Döner Kebap and Currywurst. But there’s so much more to discover! Check out our Berlin foodie guides here!

    Top 5 Breakfast & Brunch Places in Berlin

    Breakfast Lovers & Foodies – WANTED!

    Visiting Berlin is always a good idea to be honest.

    This vibrant city full of art highlights, historic monuments and events throughout the year offers so much for the people visiting. This year I went to Berlin in May for the re:publica, a communication and digital conference in STATION Berlin. Days full of speeches, talks and keynotes were super interesting, but also made us really, really hungry.

    So we decided to start our days in the best Brunch & Breakfast places in Berlin. We researched magazines, blogs and talked to our favorite foodies and tested the best recommendations for you guys. What we really loved about our brekkie experiences: Every place we visited was totally different, the food was extraordinary and we are super excited and happy to share our Brunch & Breakfast gems with you. So you better be prepared: 3,2,1, go!

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